One of the biggest personal challenges your clients’ employees face is inadequate healthcare. This becomes your clients’ problem, too, when the number of their health insurance claims and costs skyrocket.

A major contributor to this problem is the fact that doctors cannot instantly access all their patients’ medical records from all their care providers at the point of care. This lack of “interoperability” often has serious and costly consequences. Doctors may inadvertently make their patients sicker or even kill them, require unnecessary visits, and/or order unnecessary tests and procedures.

There finally is a benefit employers like your clients can offer that solves this interoperability problem — for their employees, and for them, their company and their shareholders. It’s called MedKaz®. 

Today’s MedKaz is new so your clients don’t yet offer it. But when they do, its impact will be profound! Hopefully you’ll tell them about it and urge them to adopt it! It will quickly become the most meaningful and financially rewarding benefit they offer!

MedKaz is a small mini drive a patient carries on his keyring or wears. It contains digital copies of all his medical records from all his providers, and the application to manage them. He uses it to better manage his own care, and when he needs care, he simply gives it to his doctor. His doctor uses it alongside her medical record system to understand his current and past health issues, coordinate his care and thereby avoid medical errors and unnecessary costly visits, meds, tests, and procedures.

Following a visit, she enters her notes into her own EMR system which pushes a copy to the MedKaz Server. The Server processes it and distributes a copy to him to download onto his MedKaz, and copies to his other providers, loved ones, care givers, and others he designated. Problem solved!

MedKaz is secure, simple-but-powerful, inexpensive, and very easy to use by both patients and their care providers. To drive its adoption and continued use, employers pay financial incentives to their employees’ doctors and other care providers. These incentives will be covered many times over by the savings MedKaz generates for them.

In short, MedKaz benefits everyone and clearly is one of the most important new benefits your clients can offer!

  • Their employees and their dependents will receive better, coordinated care, be able to better manage their care, be healthier and able to share their records with anyone they choose. They’ll also get the message that their employer cares about them, as will recruits.
  • Their doctors will be more informed and efficient, deliver better care, reduce the cost of care, and reduce burnout; they or their employers will enjoy new profits.
  • Your clients will enjoy healthier, happier employees, find recruiting is easier, pay fewer claims and enjoy substantial savings — even after paying for the MedKaz devices it gives to their employees and the incentives it pays to doctors and other care providers.

Learn more about MedKaz, how patients use it, how MedKaz helps doctors, and how Jack uses his.  Please email or call us if you have questions and to discuss specifically how an employer offers MedKaz as a benefit. I should add that we manage most of the mechanics so your clients will have very little to do once they launch their program!

Then urge your clients to take charge. Start with the most innovative or troubled. Recommend they test MedKaz with a cohort of their employees and their doctors so they see for themselves how MedKaz meets everyones’ needs — and more!