• MedKaz gives you the complete picture of your patient’s current and past care from all their providers, even during power or internet outages; streamlines your workflow, saves you time with each patient; restores your satisfaction at helping patients, reduces burnout; is free to you, increases your income.

  • You use your patient’s MedKaz alongside your charting system to understand and diagnose their illness(es), but enter your notes in your EMR systemnot in your patient’s MedKaz. In turn, your EMR system automatically uploads them to the MedKaz Server for processing and downloading to your patient’s MedKaz.

  • Unlike your EMR experience, MedKaz is simple to use, requires no special training or support staff, blends seamlessly into your workflow, frees you to talk more with your patients, generates new profits not costs.

  • Your patients enjoy peace of mind, better care, better health; experience fewer medical mistakes, tests, sick days; save deductibles, copays; can better manage their own care.

We have a very powerful EMR system. Why should we bother with MedKaz?

Because it contains information about your patient that you don’t have, and does what your system can’t do. These are facts!

  • MedKaz gives you instant access to your patients’ complete medical record from all their providers — even when your patient is someone you’ve never seen before, such as a referral or a traveler, or your system is down due to a power or internet outage, a natural disaster, or a ransomware attack.
  • It contains your patients’ early records that you may not have and may be unable to get from their other providers.
  • It saves you time getting up to speed with each patient, and reduces the frustrations that lead to burnout.
  • MedKaz empowers you to deliver better, lower-cost care by avoiding medical errors, unnecessary visits, tests and procedures, and improve outcomes.
  • It enables your patient to automatically send copies of your notes to their other providers and, similarly, send you copies of their notes.
  • Most importantly, MedKaz is free to you, and a new source of revenue and profits. Your patient or their payer pays for their MedKaz; you are paid financial incentives to use it. Practices and hospitals, depending upon their size, can receive tens of thousand to millions of dollars annually in additional revenue and profit when their physicians use their patients’ MedKaz.

I prefer paper charts. I'm not interested in EMR systems.

MedKaz is charting-system agnostic. It enables you to coordinate your patients’ care even if you keep paper charts. And if you use it together with our special Patient Record Manager application, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

You’ll be able to keep paper records and still enjoy the practice-management benefits of electronic records. For example, when you are notified of a drug recall or a disease alert, you’ll be able to instantly generate a list of your patients affected, along with their contact information, so you can immediately contact them.

How does MedKaz affect physician groups and ACOs?

It helps them immeasurably!

When their patients have a MedKaz, physicians in group practices and ACOs can share their patients records and coordinate their care just as unaffiliated physicians, clinics and hospitals do.

But for physician groups and ACOs, the impact can be much greater.

  • It can disproportionately impact their profits — for better or worse.
  • It greatly simplifies merging, consolidating or otherwise working together. With MedKaz, practices can enjoy the benefits of interoperability on day one. They don’t have to spend time and money equipping all their practices with the same EMR system so they can enjoy the same benefits.

Can I trust the records on my patients' MedKaz?

Absolutely. The records on your patient’s MedKaz were provided by their care providers. And once they’ve been downloaded to their MedKaz, no one can change or delete them. Not you. Not another provider. Not your patient.

If your patient sees a mistake in a progress note, he/she can attach an addendum to the note correcting the mistake but they cannot change the record’s original content. And when that record is opened, the addendum will be attached.

Your patient can hide records — for example to remove duplicates. But all hidden records can be displayed with one click.

Is MedKaz just another fly-by-night system? Here today, gone tomorrow?

On the contrary, it works today with all electronic and paper systems, and it will work tomorrow with whatever systems you or others adopt. It’s the most versatile and probably the easiest system to use that you’ve ever seen.

We’re not allowed to plug a minidrive into our computers.

That’s fine. In fact, we recommend you not plug your patient’s Medkaz into your system. Instead, plug it into a standalone computer or tablet, and use it alongside your charting system. This way, your system can’t be exposed to malicious software; neither can your patient’s MedKaz.

As discussed below, the one time cost of a standalone computer or tablet is less than $1,000. This investment is dwarfed by your new MedKaz-generated revenue stream!

How do I use MedKaz without disrupting my routine and having to enter more data?

Your patient’s MedKaz is a source of information, NOT a record system into which you enter data.

When you log on, a Health Summary opens in a browser. It recaps the latest information about your patient. Two other documents may be there as well: a Referral Request, if the patient has been referred to you, and a detailed Complaint Report, if your patient completed a Pre-Visit Questionnaire. You visually scan these documents — they can save you three to six minutes getting up to speed with your patient’s issues and care.

  • As you examine your patient and want to know about his or her care from other providers, with two or three clicks you can instantly search their MedKaz and read their other doctors’ notes. With your patient’s permission, you can even download copies to your system as searchable documents and structured-data.
  • When you have finished, you enter your progress notes in your charting system as usual. Your computer, assistant or Medical Records Department uploads a copy to our Server.

How much does MedKaz® cost me or my practice?

Nothing! MedKaz is free to you! Instead of costing you money it actually generates substantial new income and profits for you or your practice!

Instead of you paying us, we pay you when you upload a copy of your patient’s encounter record to our MedKaz® Server. If your EMR system is programmed appropriately, it uploads records automatically. Otherwise, an assistant or your Medical Records Department uploads them.

Your only cost is the one-time cost to equip your exam rooms with free-standing computers or tablets (less than $1,000 per room). This cost is dwarfed by your annual new revenue stream which can easily exceed thousands of dollars annually per care provider. Your ROI will be extraordinary! To estimate your annual new revenue and your ROI, model your practice on our Value Calculator.

Soon, we expect employers, insurers and government to offer MedKaz as a wellness benefit and pay the MedKaz subscription fee and other incentives, such as a premium over your normal office visit reimbursement rate when you use your patient’s MedKaz® during a visit. It’s in their self-interest to do so because MedKaz enables you to reduce the cost of care, and they are the ones who enjoy the bulk of the savings.

Must I change my EMR system to accommodate MedKaz?

No. But if your tech people make the following simple changes, uploading your patients’ records will be fully automated. (Pardon the tech speak!)

  • Add three data fields to your EMR patient record: a checkbox to indicate the patient has a MedKaz, a field to include a MedKaz ID number, and a field for your patient’s photograph.
  • Write a simple procedure instructing your system’s server to automatically upload a copy of the patient record and both CCD and CCDA documents generated by your server, to our MedKaz Server following each visit.

I'm too busy. I don't have time to learn to use MedKaz.

Learning to use MedKaz is nothing like learning to use your EMR system. No special training is required to use MedKaz!

If you can perform a search and read a document in a browser, you’ll manage MedKaz easily and so will your patients.


Medkaz Product Specifications

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox 3.6 or later, Internet Explorer 8 or later
Minimum 1024 x 768
Encrypted; password controlled to two levels
Broadband, fast as possible
Hard Drive
100MB free disk space
2GB or more
PCs - Windows XP, 7 or higher Mac – 64-bit Intel processor, OS 10.5 or higher
1.67in x .5in x .19in

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