Employers, Insurers, Government FAQs.

  • When you offer MedKaz as a benefit, you’ll enjoy happier, healthier employees/insureds, less absenteeism, greater productivity, fewer insurance claims and reduced health insurance costs.

  • Your employees/insureds enjoy peace of mind, better care and better health. They’ll also need fewer tests and sick days — saves them deductibles and copays, and you the cost of care that’s not required.

  • Providers treating your employees can coordinate their care, provide better care at lower cost and increase their income.

How can we improve healthcare and reduce its cost? Isn't that up to care providers?

Yes. But you pay the providers. So you have both a strong interest in reducing costs, and the financial clout to nudge them to do so. You can offer financial incentives to both your employees/insureds and their providers to embrace MedKaz. When they do and the savings begin to flow, both you and your shareholders benefit handsomely!

Simply put:

  • MedKaz provides interoperability.
  • Interoperability generates savings.
  • Savings fund incentives to use MedKaz.
  • You enjoy the bulk of the savings so it’s in your self-interest to offer incentives!

What do you mean by financial incentives, and how will they work?

For your employees/insureds: You give them and each of their dependents a MedKaz as a wellness benefit. And when they use it with their care providers, you pay them one or more additional incentives, such as reducing their deductibles, copays, and/or the share of their insurance premium that they pay.

For care providers: You pay them each time they upload records of an encounter to our MedKaz Server. And to encourage them to regularly use their patient’s MedKaz when they treat their patients, you increase their office visit reimbursement rate. Given their current financial crises, these financial incentives will be invaluable to them.

Our MedKaz Server keeps track of all transactions and incentive payments earned, and at the end of each month we send you a list of payments you owe to each provider. Thus, when you embrace MedKaz you will not increase your administrative costs.

We’re happy with the wellness benefits we offer. Why add MedKaz?

MedKaz enables your employees’ doctors to reduce the cost of your health insurance by coordinating your employees’ care and avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary visits, tests, procedures. You enjoy the bulk of these savings; your employees/insureds save deductibles and copays.

MedKaz also offers very important intangible benefits for your employees and your company. It enables your employees to better manage their own care, share their records with their providers and loved ones, enjoy better outcomes and save money.  It also helps you retain your current workforce and attract new employees. It “tells” them that you care about them, their health and their beneficiaries’ health.

How much does MedKaz cost?

Individuals subscribe to MedKaz® for only $9.00 per month or $99.00 per year. Family Packs are even less per individual.

Purchased by an employer, insurer or government agency, the cost can be as low as $6.00 per participant per month.

You recover this cost many times over when one mistake, visit or unnecessary test is avoided. When extensive blood tests, MRIs, CT Scans, a day in an ICU, or a night in the hospital are avoided, you save thousands of dollars!

How does MedKaz work?

When a patient requires care, she gives her MedKaz to her doctor who logs on and reads a current Health Summary and other documents that quickly update him on her issues.

  • As he examines her and needs to understand her current and prior care from other doctors, he electronically searches for and reads specific records on her MedKaz.
  • Also, if she changes any personal information, such her address, employer or insurance plan, MedKaz automatically sends a copy of the changes to each provider so they can update their records.

Why is MedKaz a minidrive rather than a smartphone app?

Because, according to Pew Research, more than 32 million adult Americans — most of whom are heavy users of healthcare — do not own smartphones! They include almost 22 million senior citizens (39% of Medicare’s 56 million insureds) and more than 10 million, or 29%, of those with annual incomes under $50K. In contrast, anyone can afford and use a MedKaz. (When more own smartphones, we’ll consider offering MedKaz as an app.)

What if MedKaz is lost or corrupted?

It’s encrypted so the records are secure. The employee/insured simply recovers their backed-up records to a new MedKaz.

Why would doctors and hospitals support MedKaz?

For three simple reasons.

  • It enables them to deliver, better, coordinated, lower-cost care to their patients — even during telehealth visits, power outages and ransomware-triggered shutdowns.
  • It can materially increase their income. Depending upon the size of their practice or organization, physicians, hospitals and ACOs can earn tens of $thousands or $millions more annually.
  • It makes possible fundamental changes in the way healthcare is delivered, the delivery system is organized, and providers are paid — including the emergence of retail urgent care centers, ACOs, and value-based care.

Whom do we contact to discuss MedKaz and arrange a demo?

Email demo@medkaz.com, or call Customer Service at 877 580-4500.

Medkaz Product Specifications

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox 3.6 or later, Internet Explorer 8 or later
Minimum 1024 x 768
Encrypted; password controlled to two levels
Broadband, fast as possible
Hard Drive
100MB free disk space
2GB or more
PCs - Windows XP, 7 or higher Mac – 64-bit Intel processor, OS 10.5 or higher
1.67in x .5in x .19in

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