• MedKaz enables your doctors to better understand your issues, better coordinate your care, avoid costly mistakes.

  • You save deductibles and copays.

  • You can read your records, correct mistakes.

  • You enjoy peace of mind knowing your doctors can access your complete record — even during telehealth visits or when their electronic medical record system is down.

  • You can share your records with anyone you choose.

Why do I need MedKaz? My doctors have my records.

Four important reasons:

  • Despite what you may think, none of your doctors has — or can instantly access — all your records from all your providers when they need them.
  • Your older records may not be available when your providers need them.
  • If your doctor’s computer system is down for any reason, they can’t access their own records let alone your other providers’ records.
  • If you’re traveling, the doctors you see most likely will not be able to get your records.

MedKaz solves these problems.

  • It contains all your records from all your providers — both current and past.
  • With your permission, any provider at home or away can instantly search and read them during your visit, even a telehealth visit, or when their computer system is down. All they need is a charged computer.

Why do I need MedKaz? I'm healthy and rarely see a doctor.

For you, MedKaz is like an insurance policy. It’s there when you need it. We hope you remain healthy. But when you do need care is not the time to start assembling your records, and they may not even be available. Your continued health and even your life may depend upon your physicians having instant access to them. With MedKaz, they do.

Why can't my doctors do what MedKaz does?

We approach sharing patient records differently.

MedKaz focuses on you, the patient. MedKaz assembles copies of all your records from all your providers on your MedKaz which you own and control, and share with any provider you see at the point of care, or remotely following a visit.

Your doctors’ approach excludes you. When you require care, it tries to connect all your providers’ record systems on the “fly” over a network. After years of trying, that approach still doesn’t work.

How do my records get on my MedKaz?

It’s easy. You instruct your providers to send copies of your digital records to our MedKaz Server. They are required by law to do so. If they fail to comply within 15 days, they are subject to severe financial penalties.

  • Getting started with MedKaz: You send your current and past providers our pre-pop­ulated Request for Records and HIPAA Release forms which instruct them to send copies of your past records to our MedKaz Server. (Our secure DirectMessaging address is on the Request for Records and HIPAA Release forms, and your MedKaz.)
  • Ongoing care: Every time you see a doctor you remind them to send a copy of their complete notes for your visit to our MedKaz Server, using Direct Messaging.
  • When we receive your records, we make them electronically searchable and email you when they are ready to download. You download them to your MedKaz with two clicks!

Can I read my records on my MedKaz?

Yes. That’s one of the great benefits of having a MedKaz. You can log on anytime to read any record and better manage your care. You also can learn about any illness mentioned in your doctor’s progress note by clicking on Health Links (on your MedKaz) and selecting an information site such as Mayo Clinic or WebMD.

Can I and my care providers trust the records on my MedKaz? Can I or anyone else change them?

Yes. You and your care providers can trust records on your MedKaz®.

You can create addenda to correct mistakes but neither you nor anyone else can change a clinical record.

You can “hide” a record if, for example, it is a duplicate, but you cannot delete or remove it. And you or your providers can instantly display all “hidden” records at anytime.

How much is MedKaz and who pays for it?

MedKaz is a subscription service. It includes a MedKaz and our annual Update & Support Service. You pay only $9.00 per month or $99.00 annually (Family and Group Packs are less per MedKaz).

Your expected savings far exceed this cost. In the future, we expect insurers, employers and government to pay — because they save the most money.

Is MedKaz hard to use?

No. If you can log onto a computer, perform a search and read a document in a browser, you can use MedKaz.

Can I share my records with my loved ones?

Yes. This is a MedKaz feature unavailable in any other record system. MedKaz automatically sends copies of your records to anyone you designate. Elderly parents to their adult children. Children to their parents. Patients to care givers, nursing home attendants, researchers, and others.

What if I lose my MedKaz or it gets corrupted?

You back up your MedKaz every time you use it. Then, if you lose it or it gets corrupted you simply recover your backed up records to a new MedKaz. Both backup and recovery are easy and fast.

Can my records be breached or stolen? Are they secure?

MedKaz is the most secure system available because we do not  store your records on our MedKaz Server. When you and your designees have downloaded them, we erase them from our Server.  And when they are on your MedKaz, they are encrypted and password controlled.

This does require that you back up your MedKaz® when you use it, preferably to an external drive, but our advanced, automated Back Up procedure is very fast and makes this very easy to do. Similarly, our advanced Recover procedure is very fast and easy to use.

Can anyone download my records from my MedKaz?

Not without your permission. If your doctor or anyone else wants a copy of a record, you must enter your password before they can download it.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my MedKaz?

Email or call Patient Support at 877 580-4500.


Medkaz Product Specifications

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox 3.6 or later, Internet Explorer 8 or later
Minimum 1024 x 768
Encrypted; password controlled to two levels
Broadband, fast as possible
Hard Drive
100MB free disk space
2GB or more
PCs - Windows XP, 7 or higher Mac – 64-bit Intel processor, OS 10.5 or higher
1.67in x .5in x .19in

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