Who Coordinates Your Medical Care? The Answer Will Surprise You!

If you are healthy and rarely see a doctor, the question “Who coordinates your medical care?” probably doesn’t appear on your radar. But when you get sick, especially with one or more chronic illnesses, it becomes a major concern and source of great frustration because the answer for most of us is “no one!” Not our primary care physician. Not our specialists. Not our care givers, family members, or friends. No one!!

Unique MedKaz® Features

Strategically, MedKaz is unique. Differs from all other approaches to medical-record sharing and coordination. Business model is equally unique. Gives the patient control of all her records from all her providers, in one place — on a MedKaz minidrive she carries on a keyring or wears. Smooths transition among care providers. Is a powerful communication platform. Patient has three…