How MedKaz® Helps Providers

MedKaz is extremely secure and providers can trust its contents

  1. MedKaz is password controlled to two levels: to open the MedKaz and download records from it, and to unlock any individual records the patient has locked. (The patient can control who sees specific records by locking them; the patient’s password is required to open them.)
  2. Records cannot be altered or deleted. Duplicate or incorrect records can be hidden to avoid desktop clutter but can be instantly accessed if needed.
  3. Records on a MedKaz, on our MedKaz Server, or being uploaded to — or downloaded from it — are always encrypted. The only time they are not is the instant they are processed on our server but the only information that can be accessed at that time is a single, de-identified record.
  4. Patient records are stored on our MedKaz Server only until they have been downloaded by the patient and the parties with whom the patient has chosen to share them — then we delete them so they cannot be breached if our Server were ever hacked.
  5. We strongly recommend that patients backup their MedKaz to a secure external drive in case they lose it or it is damaged. (For security purposes, they are not backed up long term on our server). A patient’s PCP could offer a backup service for $25 or $50 per year, which would help his/her patient while generating new income of the provider.
  6. We strongly recommend that providers plug their patients’ MedKaz drives into a standalone, un-networked computer or tablet, NOT into their EMR system. This ensures the security of both their EMR system, and their patient’s MedKaz. (The cost of a computer or tablet is offset many, many times over by the new revenue MedKaz generates for the provider). This chart shows how MedKaz blends seamlessly into a provider’s workflow.

MedKaz® Greatly Increases Provider Efficiency

All your patients’ records are in one place. Providers access the ones they’re looking for in only two or three clicks!

  1. MedKaz provides instant access to patient’s records from all past and current care providers, including complete progress notes, operative and radiology reports, lab and test results, correspondence, conversations, etc.
  2. When a provider logs on, MedKaz generates an up-to-date Health Summary listing complaints, lists of current meds, allergies, immunizations, and list of providers patient has seen in recent past and the reasons for the visits; a Referral Request, which the providing doc can instantly instantly access; and a Complaint Report if the patient has completed the Pre-Visit Questionnaire. This feature can save the provider three to six minutes it normally takes to elicit this information from his/her patient!
  3. It automatically pushes patient’s records following an encounter with one provider to the patient’s other providers, enabling them to catch and avoid medical errors before they happen.
  4. It provides one-click access directly from the patient’s MedKaz to medical reference sites such as UpToDate and NIH.
  5. It provides loved ones and care givers copies of patient’s records and instructions to manage their meds, have tests and procedures, etc, thereby precluding providers having to pay staff to regularly contact patients to follow instructions.

Materially reduces cost of care, and generates material new profits for providers

MedKaz precludes redundant visits, tests, procedures as well as medical errors, and costs providers NOTHING to make patient records available to them.

  1. MedKaz gives providers instant access to the information they need when they need it. By giving a provider access to the patient’s records from the patient’s other providers, the provider treating the patient has the information he/she needs and avoids having to re-schedule visits or repeat tests or procedures.
  2. It enables providers to catch/avoid medical errors before they happen by automatically pushing a copy of a progress note for a visit with one provider, to the patient’s other providers within 24 hours of the visit.
  3. It enables record sharing and care coordination even during power or internet outages, or a provider’s EMR system being down—all that’s needed is a charged computer.
  4. Providers are paid financial incentives to use their patients’ MedKaz and upload patient records to the MedKaz Server (for processing and distribution to the patient, their providers and others they’ve designated such as loved ones, care givers, researcher. These incentives are virtually all profit since there is little-to-no cost to providers for using it.