Unique Patient-Focused MedKaz® Personal Health Record System Receives US Patent

Brownsville, VT May 22, 2012 — Health Record Corporation (HRC) announced today that the US Patent Office has issued US patent number 8,180,654 covering HRC’s breakthrough MedKaz personal health record system.

Merle Bushkin, Founder and CEO of HRC, explains: “The simple, easy to use MedKaz – it rhymes with jazz — solves two of the biggest problems we each face in healthcare: How to ensure our doctors have our COMPLETE medical record available to them when we need care; and how to ensure our records remain secure and private. No other system solves them. The MedKaz does!

“ALL our medical records including actual progress notes and lab reports – whether paper or electronic — from ALL our providers, are assembled on our MedKaz, a small, distinctive and secure flash drive we carry on our keychain, in our wallet or wear as a pendant. When we need care, whether in our network or outside it, it couldn’t be simpler. We give our MedKaz to our care provider! And because our records are stored on our MedKaz, not on servers or in the ‘cloud,’ we don’t have to worry about them being breached or stolen. They’re encrypted on our MedKaz, which we own, control and routinely back up.

“Everyone should have a MedKaz. It could save your life. We never know when we’ll get sick, but when we do, young or old, our doctors need to know our medical history and have access to our records. It’s easy with a MedKaz. It’s not with other systems!”

With the MedKaz, physicians and other care providers have instant access to the information they need to treat their patients and avoid mistakes they otherwise might make. They log on to their patient’s MedKaz and review time-saving documents waiting for them that provide an immediate picture of their patient’s health. They then examine and treat their patient and, with only two or three clicks, they can sort, search and read their patient’s actual records from all their providers — to understand their patient’s issues and coordinate their care with their patient’s other providers. When finished, they complete their progress notes and update their patient’s MedKaz, or send them to HRC to process. In either case, someone other than the patient updates their MedKaz!

Bushkin adds, “The MedKaz not only saves you from having to enter your own medical records, it also saves you from having to fill out the same forms and answer the same questions over and over again, or be subjected to repeated or unnecessary tests. You just tell everyone your information is on your MedKaz. Period!”

The MedKaz lives alongside a care provider’s system — it doesn’t replace it and doesn’t require physicians to change their systems or workflow. Their output is the MedKaz System’s input. This is one reason Bushkin believes doctors and other care providers will happily embrace the MedKaz. Others are that it saves them time, increases their income and enables them to coordinate their patients’ care

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Health Record Corporation is a privately-owned, start-up company that has created a patient-focused medical record system that enables care providers to greatly improve the quality and coordination of care, and potentially save patients, employers, insurers and government many billions of dollars annually. More than 350 individuals and physicians around the country are currently participating in a pilot study of its patented, game-changing MedKaz System. For more information about the MedKaz System, visit medkaz.com.

Merle Bushkin, Founder & CEO
Health Record Corporation
802 484-0249

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