The MedKaz® Is Here. It’s A Game Changer!

The idea of an electronic medical record system designed specifically for consumers is no longer a dream: the MedKaz is real, it’s here, and it works!

Health Record Corporation (HRC) has completed development of its simple, easy-to-use MedKaz System and launched three pilot studies to demonstrate its efficacy to consumers and care providers alike.

The three pilots — one with consumers activating and using their MedKaz devices with their doctors, one where the doctor issues the MedKaz to patients, and one with a population of MedKaz-using consumers concentrated in one city – currently count more than 200 MedKaz users in 10 states and will last approximately four months.

The real-life use of the MedKaz has already led to several improvements that enhance the user experience and generated two upgraded versions of the software that MedKaz users have downloaded to their MedKaz devices.

As HRC responds to feedback from its pilot studies, it continues to enhance the capability of the MedKaz and expects to launch the next expansion of the system in the coming weeks: enabling one family member to have other family members’ medical records on their device. Whether a parent has copies of their children’s records on their MedKaz or an adult child has copies of their senior parents’ records on their MedKaz, this capability will be invaluable.

HRC welcomes additional physicians who would like to participate in a pilot study and be among the first in the country to offer the game-changing MedKaz to their patients. Patient participation is free. Physicians who participate receive a $1,000 honorarium plus a free copy of the MedKaz Patient Record Manager (PRM).

The PRM is the component of the MedKaz System for physicians and other providers. It enables those who keep paper charts to enjoy the advantages of electronic records without the hassle of installing an EMR system. It also enables all physicians to easily respond to public health initiatives that affect their practice such as instantly identifying all patients who are affected by a drug recall or disease alert. And it enables all physicians to quickly and easily meet 80% of Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements.

For more information on the MedKaz, our pilot studies, or to participate in a pilot study, contact HRC President, Merle Bushkin, by phone at 802 484-0249, by e-mail at

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