Medkaz USB Device

“It [MedKaz] gives the patient real power in accumulating their record from any location they receive care. It is a simple, inexpensive, and straightforward solution to a complex problem.”

Chief Medical Information Officer/Major Teaching Hospital

“Just learned about MedKaz. What a great product. It would be extremely helpful if each of our patients had one.”

Orthopedic Surgery PA/Major Teaching Hospital

“My doctor’s computer system was down. If I hadn’t had my MedKaz, I’d have had to come back another time. Instead, he logged onto my MedKaz, accessed the record of my last visit and treated me. Don’t have to go back for another year! This saved me and my insurer almost $300. Six months later I had a similar experience with another provider that saved $600. Quite a return on my $99.90 investment!”


“Everyone should have one [MedKaz]. It would make my job so much easier.”

Clinician/Major Teaching Hospital

“My MedKaz contains 318 records of all sorts spanning 29 years of care from 38 different providers practicing in six different cities in three states, using more than 14 different record systems, including multiple paper systems and seven or eight different EMR systems (Allscripts, Centricity, Cerner, EPIC, Meditech, and home-grown systems). My doctors or I can search for and instantly read any record on it with only two or three clicks! Absolutely no other system can match it.”

Merle Bushkin/Founder & CEO Health Record Corporation/Patient

“I am so excited to have all of my information on the MedKaz. You have created an amazing product. Once doctors see a patient w/a ‘fully loaded’ MedKaz, I think they will be SOLD! I’m on a mission to get a lot of doctors on the team…”


 To discuss MedKaz or schedule a demo, email demo@medkaz.comor call 802 484-0249

“love what you are doing”

MD/former US Senator

“a consumer-driven medical record idea that makes sense”


“a wonderful, wonderful system”


“I love the idea of the MedKaz! It will make our lives and our doctors lives so much easier.  Not only do I plan on using one for my son, but I am in the process of loading the information for my father . . . .


‘I see [ MedKaz] becoming a very important tool to use as we progress into a world where we need to be our own advocate when it comes to our healthcare.”