Presentation to the Veterans’ Affairs Department

On September 17th, we presented our unique MedKaz® personal health record system to the Veterans’ Affairs Department. We were well received. We sent them the following thank you letter.

September 23, 2013

Good morning,

Many thanks for inviting us last Tuesday to tell you about our patient-centric MedKaz® personal health record system. Hope this e-mail will help those unable to attend to better understand how MedKaz can dramatically improve the way the VA meets the healthcare needs of our veterans.

As we explained, it does so in two very important ways.

First, it puts the veteran in control of his/her medical records and enables their care providers — both VA and civilian — to coordinate their care like never before and no other system can do. It aggregates the veteran’s complete medical record from all their providers on the MedKaz Green Drive which they own, carry on their key chain or in their wallet, and give to any provider they see, anywhere, anytime.

With MedKaz, veterans — for the first time — have their medical records in one place, can review and correct mistakes, and truly participate in their care decisions. And for the first time their providers can electronically access a veteran’s complete medical record from all providers and thereby coordinate and improve the quality of their care, avoid mistakes and unnecessary tests and reduce the cost of care. And with the veteran’s permission they can download records from civilian providers into the veteran’s VistA record so it is complete and up to date, and vice versa.

There are a dozen key reasons why MedKaz works for veterans and care providers when other approaches don’t.

1 It is patient- rather than provider-focused; it lives alongside provider record systems.
2 It standardizes the way a patient’s disparate records are managed rather than the way providers keep them.
3 It accepts records from any provider in any format, paper or electronic.
4 It indexes all records so they can be managed electronically.
5 It displays every record, including paper, as a searchable pdf in a browser.
6 It stores the patient’s complete record exclusively on their MedKaz Green Drive, not Internet-linked servers.
7 It avoids the security, privacy, breach/theft and patient identification issues plaguing virtually every other system.
8 It doesn’t require costly HIEs.
9 It is easy to learn and use, and available today.
10 It aligns the interests of all parties, including patients, providers, employers, insurers, government.
11 It saves providers time, enables them to practice better medicine, and increases their revenue/income.
12 It is affordable and financially self-sustaining.

Thus, Sonia, when you asked who our competition is and how MedKaz benefits the veteran, I answered that we don’t really have competition and that no other system can do for our veterans what MedKaz does.

Second, on the subject of disability claims processing, if VBA were to incorporate the software we use to digitize paper records for the MedKaz (that makes them electronically sortable and searchable), they would be able to greatly accelerate the processing of veterans’ disability claims. It would allow all the physicians who must review a veteran’s claim to review it simultaneously on their computers rather than one at a time, and thereby materially shorten the review cycle.

At the same time and with minimal additional effort, the medical records in a veteran’s claim file could be loaded onto a MedKaz which the veteran could then give to care providers when they require care. Of course, if the DoD also embraced MedKaz, VA claim processing and care delivery would be greatly simplified because the veteran would arrive at the VA with his/her MedKaz containing much of the information the VA needs to process disability claims and provide coordinated care.

We’ve tested MedKaz with hundreds of people and know it can meet the needs of our veterans — but I do not expect you to take our word for it. That’s why we suggested that we test it with a number of VA hospitals, CBOCS, physicians and several thousand patients so you can prove to yourselves that MedKaz works under all circumstances.

Given the pressing need to provide improved care for our vets and accelerate the processing of their disability claims, I hope your stakeholders will move quickly. They won’t be disappointed.

Please visit our website to learn more about MedKaz and call me at 802 484-0249 if you have any questions. Also, we’ll be happy to meet with — and demo MedKaz for — any VA stakeholders or others who’d like to see MedKaz in action.

Thanks again.



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