Open Letter to ACOs

Dear ACO Executive,

If your ACO is like most others, you are struggling to meet two major challenges: how to enable your providers to exchange patient records both among themselves and with providers outside your ACO, and how to increase their income.

Our unique patient-focused MedKaz® personal health record system meets these challenges head on. With it, interoperability is a breeze and we pay your providers or ACO for embracing it. There is absolutely nothing like it. I’m sure you are extremely busy but I strongly urge you to consider adopting MedKaz for your ACO now so your providers can enjoy its benefits sooner rather than later.

Though we are a startup and our MedKaz system is new, it will accomplish for your ACO what no other system can do. Your members may not be familiar with it today, but they’ll happily embrace it when they see how they, their patients, and everyone connected with the healthcare system benefit from it. It is easy to learn and use, and available today.

* It aggregates a patient’s complete record from all their current and past providers on a MedKaz Green Drive®, along with our patented MedKaz application. The patient owns it, carries it on a key chain, in a wallet or wears it and gives it to any provider at the point of care, anytime, anywhere, in or out of network, at home or away. It is encrypted, HIPAA compliant, password-controlled to two levels, and doesn’t require problematic identification systems or costly HIEs.

* With only two or three clicks, a provider can electronically sort, search for and access any record on it, including paper — even without Internet access! It enables them to avoid mistakes and unnecessary tests, provide better, coordinated care and reduce the cost of care. It is automatically updated for the patient after each encounter.

* It co-exists with whatever charting system a provider uses — including paper, blends into their workflow, saves them time with every patient and, most importantly, increases their revenue and income. Instead of your providers paying us, we pay them (or the ACO)! A typical PCP can increase his or her income by as much as $50K per year; an ACO with hundreds of providers can increase its revenue and bottom line by $millions per year.

* It also gives patients peace of mind that any care provider they see will be able to access their complete record and, thereby, avoid mistakes or unnecessary tests, and coordinate their care with their other care providers. It empowers them to participate in their care decisions, and it pays for itself by saving deductibles and copays.

* The savings it generates also reduce the health insurance costs paid by employers, payers and government, dollar for dollar; the savings drop right to their bottom lines.

My own MedKaz demonstrates its scope, power and functionality. It contains records of more than 300 encounters of all sorts spanning 29 years, from 38 care providers practicing in six cities in three states, using more than 14 different record systems, including paper and multiple EMR systems, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, and several home-grown systems. My doctors or I can search for and instantly read any record on it with only two or three clicks. That’s interoperability in spades. No other system comes close!

To learn more about us and what makes our MedKaz System unique, I invite you to visit other pages on this website. You’ll find the FAQs sections particularly informative.

We’d be delighted to visit with you, demo MedKaz for you, explain our unique business model and explore how your ACO can benefit from MedKaz. You won’t be disappointed! To schedule a time, call me at 802 484-0249 or me.

Look forward to talking with you.



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