The Patient Record Manager (PRM)

Medkaz USB Device

The PRM is a powerful yet simple, easy-to-use electronic medical record application — a form of EMR-Lite.

  • Free to licensed MedKaz providers.
  • Stores provider’s complete record for each patient, by patient.
  • Same look, feel, functionality and ease-of-use as a patient’s MedKaz.
  • Providers who keep paper charts can enjoy the advantages of electronic records without the hassle of installing an EMR system.
  • Populated automatically; manual data entry not required.  Can download copies of a patient’s records with only three clicks.
  • Contents are synced with patient’s MedKaz; changes or addenda made by patients on their MedKaz are synced to the physician’s PRM, and vice versa.
  • Providers access patient records on their computers instead of pulling paper charts — and learn the advantages of electronic medical records.
  • Facilitates better coordination and quality of care, and lower costs.
  • Providers can electronically identify groups of patients to contact about a drug or device recall, a disease alert, or other public health programs.
  • Helps providers meet Meaningful Use requirements and accelerate reimbursements.

 To discuss MedKaz or schedule a demo, email demo@medkaz.comor call 802 484-0249