Only System That Works

Medkaz USB Device

The patented MedKaz is the ONLY approach to sharing patient records that works today and for the foreseeable future. It is the starting point on a journey that will revolutionize the way healthcare records are kept, care is delivered, our delivery system is structured.

  • It is a disruptive innovation that turns the process of sharing patient records on its head.
  • It works because it aggregates a patient’s records around the patient rather than trying to assemble their records from their providers on the fly.

Care providers need access to a patient’s records at the point of care and when patients transition from one care provider to another—to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary tests, and to coordinate and improve the quality of care. But neither government nor other private programs are making this happen.

  • Through 2015 Health and Human Services dispensed more than $31 billion to subsidize adoption and exchange of electronic records. Yet about 30% of physicians and 15% of hospitals still keep all or some paper records which can’t be managed electronically, and providers can’t exchange patient records beyond small networks.
  • More than 90% of ambulatory, long term care and assisted living facilities keep paper records so their records can’t be shared or managed electronically.
  • Virtually all patient records more than three or four years old are paper so their records can’t be shared or managed electronically either.
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), intended to provide the mechanism for care providers to exchange patient records, face almost insurmountable patient identification, legal, security, and privacy problems. None have national reach and most are not financially sustainable.

We are paying dearly for these delays. Each year more than a million patients suffer unnecessary pain from medical mistakes, more than 440,000 die, and we waste hundreds of billions of dollars.

MedKaz is the ONLY system available today and for the foreseeable future that enables a provider to electronically access and manage a patient’s complete record from all their providers in all formats, whether paper or any of the disparate EMR systems, anytime, anywhere, in or out of network, at home or away—even without Internet access.

  • It works today for any and all care providers and will only get better. Planned enhancements will enable us to move patient data so patients and providers can share patient records and information in previously unimaginable ways.
  • Patients benefit as well. They enjoy peace of mind knowing that their records are secure, that their providers can always access their records and coordinate their care anytime, anywhere, and that they now can participate in their care decisions.  And they save deductibles and copays when unnecessary care, tests, procedures and visits are avoided.
  • Employers, insurers and government all benefit from lower healthcare costs which translate directly into lower health insurance costs.