How It Works

The MedKaz Green Drive plays an integral role during a patient’s encounter with their care provider—whether the care provider keeps paper charts or has an EMR system.

The entire process is streamlined for ease of use and to minimize manual data entry. Where possible, forms are pre-populated, dates calculated, lists, drop-down menus and checkboxes provided.   Special dictionaries are even used to ensure data is captured correctly.     Here’s one possible scenario:

  • Primary Care Physician dispenses MedKaz Green Drive to patient, preloaded with the patient’s past medical records. Patient requests their records from other providers, has them sent to Health Record Corporation (HRC), creator of the MedKaz.   HRC processes records at no charge and downloads them to the patient’s MedKaz Green Drive.
  • Patient schedules appointment with care provider.   Using their MedKaz Green Drive, patient accesses and completes pre-visit questionnaire—describes reasons/complaints and medications they are taking.
  • Patient arrives at provider’s office, gives their MedKaz Green Drive to care provider’s assistant and enters password.   Assistant confirms patient’s identity, insurance, etc.   Gives MedKaz Green Drive to care provider.
  • When care provider logs on, MedKaz opens displaying documents waiting for the care provider, such as reports summarizing the patient’s current complaints, past medical history, current health issues, meds list, etc. Having this information available to read, frees them from having to elicit this information from their patient.
  • Care provider reads reports, talks to and examines patient.   As necessary, provider accesses the patient’s past records on their MedKaz Green Drive.   To coordinate their patient’s care with their other providers, avoid mistakes and preclude unnecessary or redundant tests, they sort, search and read copies of actual progress notes, lab reports, radiology reports and images stored on their patient’s MedKaz Green Drive.
  • Care provider completes assessment and plan.   Assistant uploads encounter documents to MedKaz Server for indexing and processing, then downloads digitized documents to the patient’s MedKaz Green Drive and the provider’s PRM.