The MedKaz

Medkaz USB Device

The MedKaz is a distinctive flash drive the patient owns and carries on a key chain or wears; it plugs into a computer’s USB port.

  • Works on both Windows PC and Mac computers. Employs established technology, same as used by Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic.
  • Contains copies of a patient’s complete medical record from all their providers, personal information entered by the patient, and the applications to manage them. It is updated for the patient after each visit.
  • Stores patient’s records in easy–to–use tables, accessible through buttons and tabs. Detailed documents no more than two or three clicks away. Easy to sort and search all records.
  • Is the sole repository of patient’s aggregated lifetime medical record. Simple Backup/Recover procedures protect against loss of data or the MedKaz itself.
  • Accommodates records of family members too young, too old or too ill to manage their records and care. Look, feel and functionality are the same for each family member as for the patient.
  • Encrypted, safe, secure. Password–protected to two levels; emergency information accessible without password. Records encrypted at every step. HIPAA compliant.
  • Includes an Audit Trail. Patient can identify everyone who has logged on, when, the records looked at, and documents or data changed.