Medkaz USB Device

A MedKaz is a distinctive mini flash drive the patient owns and carries on a key chain or wears; it plugs into a computer’s USB port.

  • Works on both PC and Mac computers. Employs familiar established technology.
  • No special training required. If you can log on to a computer, perform a search and read a document in a browser, you can use MedKaz.
  • Contains copies of a patient’s complete medical record from all their providers, personal information entered by the patient, and the application to manage them. It is updated for the patient after each visit.
  • Can access records even during power or Internet outages, or ransomware-triggered shutdowns.  All you need is a charged computer.

 To discuss MedKaz or schedule a demo, email demo@medkaz.comor call 802 484-0249

  • Stores patient’s records in easy–to–use tables, accessible through buttons and tabs. Powerful search function brings up specific records with only two or three clicks.
  • Is sole repository of patient’s aggregated lifetime medical record. Simple Backup/Recover procedures protect against loss of data or the MedKaz itself.
  • Accommodates records of family members too young, too old or too ill to manage their records and care — even pets. Look, feel and functionality are same for each family member as for the patient.
  • Encrypted, secure, safest system available.  Password–protected to two levels; emergency information accessible without password. Records encrypted at every step. HIPAA compliant.
  • Includes an Audit Trail. Patient can identify everyone who has logged on, when, the records looked at, and documents or data changed.