MedKaz System

Medkaz USB Device

Our patented System makes the difference! It does today what others only hope to accomplish by 2024.

  • Brings the patient into the healthcare equation, establishes a new standard of convenience.
  • Coexists and is compatible with any record system care providers use, both electronic and paper. Their output is MedKaz input.
  • Provides the flexibility and magic needed to assemble, electronically manage and search a patient’s lifetime health record.
  • Gives providers information about their patients not available from any other source; improves their workflow; increases their income.
  • Makes patients’ records integral to the care delivery process, not an afterthought; providers use and update them.
  • Saves patient deductibles and copays when unnecessary care, tests, procedures and visits are avoided.
  • Enables care providers to coordinate a patient’s care with patient’s other providers.

Includes three components:

  • the MedKaz
  • the MedKaz Server & Portal
  • the MedKaz Patient Record Manager (PRM)

 To discuss MedKaz or schedule a demo, email demo@medkaz.comor call 802 484-0249