“If you want to be sure your providers can access your complete medical record anywhere, anytime, your only option is MedKaz®. No other system comes close!”

“If you’re a provider who wants to improve the quality of care you deliver, avoid medical mistakes and unnecessary tests, and reduce the cost of care, you should embrace MedKaz for your patients.”

Brownsville, VT March 11, 2013

By Merle Bushkin

I’ve just returned from four days in New Orleans where I attended the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference, I’d like to share my observations with you. They’re long but I hope you find them worth reading.

First, it was huge! 35,000 people attended, all involved with healthcare IT – from physicians to hospital executives to government staffers to patient advocates. More than 1,300 vendors showed their stuff in some of the biggest, most elaborate exhibits you can imagine. Two of the four keynote speakers were former President Bill Clinton and Healthcare IT National Coordinator, Farzad Mostashari, MD.

Second, important changes are happening that bode extremely well for healthcare in the US, for Health Record Corporation (HRC) and for our MedKaz® personal health record system (more on this later)!

Third, some background. With healthcare costs skyrocketing to $2.8 trillion, everyone agrees we must do something or healthcare will bankrupt the country.

Most agree that before we can seriously improve care quality and reduce care costs we must improve the flow and exchangeability of patient information. This will enable providers to deliver higher quality care, coordinate care and avoid medical mistakes and unnecessary tests which cause pain, suffering and even death for hundreds of thousands and cost hundreds of billions of dollars annually. It also will make possible a fundamental restructuring of the way healthcare is organized, care is delivered and providers are paid.

In a nutshell, we MUST improve healthcare IT if we want to improve care quality and reduce care costs. There are two aspects to the problem: how providers keep patient records, and how they can access a patient’s complete record at the point of care.


Fourth, where we are now. Since the 2009 HITECH Stimulus Act, attention has focused on getting doctors and hospitals to adopt electronic record systems. Accordingly, HIMSS conferences reflected this focus. But by the end of 2012 ONC had made great progress. 64% of healthcare professionals were using EMR systems to some degree, as were 70% of our hospitals. More have signed up. Through Jan 2013, the Federal Government dispensed more than $11.8 billion in subsidies to make this happen!

With this impressive level of EMR adoption, HIMSS13 was the first conference to focus on the second issue, how providers can access a patient’s complete record – and on the related issue of patient involvement in the care process. The keynote speakers were all over these issues as were many physicians attending the educational sessions.

At many educational sessions, physicians kept asking: how can they get access to their patients’ records from other providers. The answers weren’t very satisfying. They revolved around three things. Providers creating portals for their patients to see their records, health information exchanges (HIEs) and Blue Button, a mechanism that allows VA patients to download their records and Medicare patients to download their claims information. They all fall short.

Portals don’t help providers when their patient has one with each of several providers. Providers don’t have time to look at multiple portals or printouts; they want the complete record in one place.

HIEs face almost insurmountable security, privacy and patient identification problems, and they’re not financially sustainable. Few have been built; most don’t work. Records can’t be exchanged.

Blue Button, which is just getting started, doesn’t cover non-Medicare patients and the information it provides for Medicare patients is not the clinical information physicians need and want, such as progress notes and operative, discharge and lab reports.

Indicative of this problem, five leading and fiercely competitive EMR vendors announced that they have formed a consortium to facilitate the exchange of patient records among users of their EMR systems. When I asked the VP Development of one how they were going to solve the hugely difficult patient identification issue, he said they were working on it and hoped to have a solution that was 97% or 98% accurate. Personally, that’s not good enough. I’d be scared to death that they’d mix my records with the records of someone else who has the same name. John Smith, watch out!

Fifth, what does all this mean for HRC and MedKaz? Simply put, HRC’s patented MEDKAZ IS THE ONLY SYSTEM THAT SOLVES THE PROBLEM! If you want to be sure your providers can access your complete medical record anywhere, anytime, your only option is MedKaz. No other system comes close!


As I’ve said before – and it’s just as true today – MedKaz is the ONLY system that can aggregate a patient’s complete medical record from all their providers, irrespective of how the providers keep their records, whether paper or electronic. It is the ONLY system that can make that complete patient record – including copies of actual progress notes and operative, discharge and lab reports, etc. — available to ANY provider at the point of care, anywhere, anytime, and with only two or three clicks! Period.

So, if you’re a consumer/patient who wants to be sure any care provider you see, whether one of your regular physicians or a new one, at home or in another part of the world, get your MedKaz now! It’s yours. You own and control it. You carry it on your keychain or in your wallet, and you simply give it to any provider you see – and they or HRC update it for you. It’s easy to learn and use, inexpensive, and available today – you don’t have to gamble that something like it may be available in a few years. BTW, MedKaz is just getting started. You can’t imagine the enhancements we have planned!

If you’re a provider who wants to improve the quality of care you deliver, avoid medical mistakes and unnecessary tests, and reduce the cost of care, you should embrace MedKaz for your patients. It takes only a day to master! Moreover, if you sign up as a MedKaz Licensee (it’s free), HRC will actually pay you to update your patient’s MedKaz – so you’ll increase your income and benefit your patients at the same time. A typical PCP can earn more than $25,000 as a MedKaz Licensee!

If you’re a vendor who would like to become our strategic partner and integrate MedKaz with your products or services, give us a call.

Finally, if you’d like to invest in HRC and MedKaz and join us in changing healthcare as we know it, give us a call, too.

This not an offer to buy or sell securities.

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