MedKaz Goes to Washington—A Second Time!

On October 24th, we had the pleasure of presenting MedKaz to the Department of Defense (DoD). Here are excerpts from the letter I sent our many friends and followers telling them about the DoD’s needs and how MedKaz meets them when other systems can’t!

October 27, 2013

Dear MedKaz Friend,

Five weeks ago, we presented MedKaz® to the Veterans’ Affairs Department. This past Thursday, we presented it to the Department of Defense. Some 40 or so people attended representing each branch of service. They included physicians, nurses, IT techies, systems people, behavioral scientists, DoD contracting officers, et al.

We were one of 30± vendors who applied and were invited to tell DoD what commercial healthcare IT solutions exist, how they work, and how they can solve our military’s highly publicized healthcare IT problems: most notably their inability to share and access a patient’s records from all their providers, and how to make a patient’s records available when they transition from one provider to another, such as from a military to civilian provider, or from active duty to the VA.

We told them that contrary to what the civilian legacy electronic medical record (EMR) system vendors might claim in their presentations, their systems won’t solve the military’s problems. They can’t solve their own! None can share actual records anywhere, anytime; it will take years for each Service branch to adopt a new EMR system during which time their care delivery will be severely disrupted; and when they have finished, they still won’t be able to exchange and share records!

We described our patented MedKaz system and showed them that it is different from anything they had seen or will see from others — that our mission is different, our approach is different and, most notably, our result is different. MedKaz works, today, and truly meets the DoD’s needs even if they opt to continue using their current EMR systems! An added plus of DoD adopting MedKaz would be that it would greatly simplify both veteran registration with the VA and the VA’s processing of their disability claims.



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