MedKaz FAQs Answer Patient, Provider and Employer Questions

Health Record Corporation’s unique MedKaz personal health record system greatly benefits patients, care providers and employers. A new FAQs section on its MedKaz website,, answers questions they typically ask.

Brownsville, VT (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

Health Record Corporation’s (HRC’s) MedKaz® personal health record system is different from the typical medical record systems care providers keep. Each doctor and hospital maintains their own records about their patients in their own way—some on paper, an increasing number on computers. But they don’t have copies of a patient’s records from the patient’s other providers and they can’t exchange records with other providers—so it’s extremely difficult for them to coordinate their patient’s care. As a result, they often make mistakes that make patients sicker rather than better, order tests their patient already had or doesn’t need, and ask the same questions over and over.

These shortcomings seriously reduce the quality of care the patient receives and make it far more expensive than need be. Also, patients rarely see their records so they can’t correct them if they contain mistakes, and patients don’t have the records or other information they need to participate in their care decisions.

MedKaz changes all this. It is a medical record system for patients. It stores copies of a patient’s records—both paper and electronic—from all their care providers, on a MedKaz Green Drive, a portable device they carry on their key chain, in their wallet or wear. Anytime and anywhere they see a care provider—whether they’re one of their regular providers or someone new, at home or away, they simply give them their MedKaz containing their complete medical record.

When the provider logs on and the patient enters their password, MedKaz opens and the provider can access the patient’s complete medical record from all their providers, both past and present. They can review a current Health Summary waiting for them and, as needed while examining their patient, with only a click or two they can electronically sort, search for and read the patient’s relevant records to understand their conditions and coordinate their care. They or HRC update the patient’s MedKaz following each visit so it is always current.

Commenting on MedKaz and the new FAQs section, Merle Bushkin, HRC Founder and CEO, says “Each party to the health equation—the patient, their providers, or their employer who pays the bills—often makes incorrect assumptions about medical records and the ability of providers to coordinate patient care. And because MedKaz is new and different, they often don’t understand what it is all about or how it directly benefits them. FAQs addresses these erroneous assumptions and answers their questions.

“For example, because patients assume their doctors have all their records, they ask why they need MedKaz. When they learn their doctors don’t have all their records from all their providers and understand that MedKaz is the only system that does, they typically embrace it.

“Similarly, some providers fear that MedKaz will complicate their lives. When they learn it fits into their workflow, works with their current charting system, actually saves them time with each patient and increases their income, they embrace it.

“And employers ask, among other things, how we manage all types of paper and electronic records in the same system when no one else can, how it benefits them, and why they should offer MedKaz as a health/wellness benefit. When they learn it works, directly benefits their employees and, at the same time, directly reduces their insurance costs, they embrace it.

FAQs explains these points—and many more. MedKaz can be purchased on our website or

About MedKaz and Health Record Corporation:

The patented MedKaz is a revolutionary system that turns the conventional approach to healthcare IT on its head. It puts the patient at the center of their care by aggregating their lifetime medical record in one place, owned and controlled by them, where care providers can access them as needed. MedKaz is the only system that accepts records in all formats from all sources, overcoming record incompatibility; is secure from Internet breaches, easy to use, affordable, and available now; and doesn’t require government subsidies or the construction of extensive electronic networks to exchange records. It lives alongside care providers’ systems, whether paper or electronic, and fits seamlessly into their established workflow, enabling improved quality and coordination of care, elimination of mistakes and unnecessary testing, and cost savings. Medkaz is a product of Health Record Corporation, based in Brownsville, VT.

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