MedKaz Enables Long Term Post-Acute Care Patients to Easily Share Records

Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities typically do not maintain electronic records and cannot exchange complete patient records with hospitals or other care providers. The solution proposed by presenters in an early April webinar conducted by Health and Human Services, is for these providers to join health information exchanges (HIEs) — which may take years to complete; MedKaz® solves this problem today.

Brownsville, VT (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Many care providers and healthcare IT wonks have finally awakened to the fact that all care providers aren’t required to adopt electronic records or link their records together in a nationwide network as mandated for hospitals and physicians by the HIPAA, Stimulus and Affordable Care Acts. Among the most notable “missing” providers are assisted living, long term and other post-acute care facilities that, together, care for more than 20 million people.

When patients move to or from a hospital, the hospital’s clinicians can’t access patient records from these facilities, and these facilities can’t access the hospital’s records when their resident returns. Unless these patients’ records can be shared, patient records will be incomplete and these “transitions” will continue to cause serious problems for patients.

MedKaz solves this “transition of care” problem simply and easily. The patient owns their MedKaz and when they enter or return from a hospital, they give it to their provider. It contains their up-to-date records from all their care providers and facilities, whether their providers keep paper or electronic records. Providers, in turn, can electronically sort, search and read them, as needed, to ensure a smooth transition from one provider or facility to another. It also gives providers who keep paper records – and this includes most assisted living and long term care facilities – an application called Patient Record Manager (PRM). It’s an EMR-lite that enables them to electronically manage patients’ digitized paper records.

Commenting on this recent “awakening,” Merle Bushkin, Founder and CEO of Health Record Corporation, creator of MedKaz, says: “This is merely another serious flaw in the path we as a country are taking to create a nationwide health information network.”

“The issue isn’t how providers keep patient records or whether data fields match. It’s how they can access a patient’s complete up-to-date record in any format at the point of care. MedKaz is simple, easy to use by all providers and available today.”

“If they can’t access a patient’s complete record because our networking system can’t handle paper records, excludes records from important providers, or can’t ensure that patient records are secure, private and the correct patient’s records, it’s not doing the job and it’s time to look for a better more comprehensive approach – and one that won’t take years to implement! That won’t be easy because the government mandated initiatives have overwhelmed our system and providers, but it’s time we bell the cat! MedKaz is one such system and it works today!”

About MedKaz and Health Record Corporation:

The patented MedKaz is a revolutionary system that turns the conventional approach to healthcare IT on its head. It puts the patient at the center of their care by aggregating their lifetime medical record in one place, owned and controlled by them, where care providers can access them as needed. MedKaz is the only system that accepts records in all formats from all sources, overcoming record incompatibility; is secure from Internet breaches, easy to use, affordable, and available now; and doesn’t require government subsidies or the construction of extensive electronic networks to exchange records. It lives alongside care providers’ systems, whether paper or electronic, and fits seamlessly into their established workflow, enabling improved quality and coordination of care, elimination of mistakes and unnecessary testing, and cost savings. Medkaz is a product of Health Record Corporation, based in Brownsville, VT.

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