For The Patient

Medkaz USB Device
  • Peace of mind—knows medical records from all providers are secure and instantly available when needed.
  • Enjoys coordinated, better quality, lower-cost care.
  • Suffers fewer medical mistakes, sick days, unnecessary procedures.
  • Saves deductibles, co-pays; more than pays for itself.
  • Avoids privacy and security risks associated with other systems.
  • Can review encounter documents and correct mistakes.
  • Better informed; can participate in own wellness and care decisions.
  • Controls Lifetime Health Record™: who can access it, how it is used.
  • Audit Trail identifies who has accessed MedKaz, when and records looked at.
  • Can add dependent family members to their MedKaz; manage their records and care, and enjoy the same benefits for their family members as they do from controlling their own records.