Competitive Advantages

Medkaz USB Device

The patented MedKaz System enjoys significant advantages over other systems. It does what others can’t do and is simpler, more flexible, easier to use, available years sooner, costs less and is financially self-sustaining.

  • Integrates otherwise incompatible medical records into a single electronically manageable system. Accepts physician notes, reports, images and records in any format. Other systems cannot.
  • Contains copies of care provider records spanning a patient’s lifetime, uploaded by care providers. Others are far less comprehensive, often incomplete, frequently from non-clinical secondary sources.
  • Enables MedKaz owner to add dependent family members to their MedKaz and manage their records and care as they do their own. Other systems accommodating family members aren’t comparable, have limited functionality.
  • Satisfies consumer security, privacy, fraud and identity-theft concerns. Stores a patient’s records on their MedKaz, not on Web servers which are breached with increasing frequency.
  • Physicians maintain paper charts or electronic records, as they wish. In either case, it improves their workflow by giving them information about their patient not otherwise available.
  • Patients and care providers can electronically sort, search and read copies of detailed notes and reports on the MedKaz, as needed. Copies of complete, actual documents aren’t available on most other systems.
  • Unique MedKaz business model supports unique MedKaz System. Care providers make money supporting it. Other systems cost them money and require government subsidies to encourage EMR adoption.
  • Pays physicians to upload copies of their patient’s records. A typical PCP can increase his or her annual income by as much as $25 thousand, small hospitals by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and large hospitals and ACOs by many millions of dollars.
  • Is its own repository and network. Doesn’t require elaborate, costly networks that require massive government subsidies. The patient fulfills the function of a network when they give their MedKaz to their care provider.
  • Patients’ records are accessible even during power outages and natural disasters. Records on web servers aren’t.
  • Available today. Employs established technology and transcends the technical issues blocking EMR vendors and users from achieving total interoperability anytime soon. Other systems aren’t expected to provide total interoperability until 2024.
  • Helps physicians get comfortable using simplified electronic records, and reduces the cost of subsequently adopting a comprehensive EMR system.
  • Is simple and affordable. Can save billions. Others cost billions. One example: if every Medicare and Medicaid patient carried a MedKaz, the Federal government and states annually would save more than $16 billion and $6 billion, respectively.