MedKaz® Provides A New Source of Revenue and Patient Information for Physicians

The patented MedKaz medical record system solves major problems faced today by physicians and other care providers. It increases their revenue, gives them instant access to their patient’s lifetime health record so they can coordinate their care, doesn’t require them to change their charting system, and frees them to talk more with their patients or see more patients. At the same time it brings the patient into their health equation, giving them control of their records, ensuring their records are secure, private, and available when needed, and enabling them to participate in decisions about their care.

“The beauty of the MedKaz is that it meets the unmet needs of both patients and providers, and aligns their interests.“

Brownsville, VT (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Commenting on the recent Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, and on the impact of the HITECH Stimulus Act, Merle Bushkin, Founder and CEO of Health Record Corporation, says “they do little to solve — and even exacerbate — serious challenges physicians face. These include: shrinking reimbursements and income, increasing pressure to adopt an expensive electronic record system, not enough time to spend with patients, limited access to their patient’s records from past or out–of–network providers, and the inability to coordinate their patient’s care with other providers.“

Health Record Corporation (HRC) has developed a simple solution to these challenges. It is called the MedKaz® Lifetime Health Record System. It’s a patented system designed for the patient; it lives alongside the systems their care providers use. Its business model is equally unique. Care providers dispense it and make money supporting it! It’s patented, easy to use, and affordable.

It aggregates copies of a patient’s records from all their providers on a distinctive flash drive called a MedKaz. It accepts all paper and electronic records including progress notes, letters, lab reports, operative and discharge reports, images and the like, and contains HRC’s patented application to manage them.

The patient owns and controls it, and carries it on their key chain or in their wallet. When they need care, they give it to their care provider. Their provider, in turn, reads the time–saving documents waiting when they log on and, as needed, sorts, searches for and reads their patient’s records from their other providers to understand their health issues and the care they received — or are receiving — from other doctors. They are paid a fee to update it following each visit.

Mr. Bushkin says “The beauty of the MedKaz is that it meets the unmet needs of both patients and providers, and aligns their interests.”

“Providers make more money, they may continue using their current charting system even if it is paper (and still meet 80% of Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements), they have more time to spend with their patients — or can see more patients, and they have the information they need to coordinate their patient’s care with other providers, avoid redundant or unnecessary tests, and avoid serious mistakes!”

“Patients control their records and know they are secure, private and immediately available. And they are empowered to participate in decisions about their care.”

HRC’s web site explains the MedKaz System in more detail as does its crowdfunding Project at To discuss how to adopt the MedKaz in a practice or hospital, please contact Health Record Corporation at 802 484–0249 or mbushkin(at)medkaz(dot)com

Health Record Corporation is a privately–owned, start–up company that created the unique MedKaz System Lifetime Medical Record System, a patented, patient–focused system that enables care providers to increase their income, greatly improve the quality and coordination of care, and potentially save patients, employers, insurers and government many billions of dollars annually. More than 400 individuals and physicians around the country are currently participating in a pilot study of its game–changing MedKaz System.

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