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Today, I sent the following e-mail to The Honorable Robert McDonald, the newly named Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, offering MedKaz® as a solution to the VA’s inability to share veterans’ records with military and civilian care providers. The need to do so is critical; this e-mail explains that MedKaz is the only system that can meet this need. Similarly, it is the only system that bridges the information gap for private-sector providers — whether solo practitioners, group practices, hospitals, health plans, skilled nursing facilities or accountable care organizations.

August 4, 2014

Dear Mr. Secretary,

First, congratulations on your appointment. We wish you the best of luck as you approach this daunting task.

Second, we’d like you to know that there is a product available today, called MedKaz®, that can immediately help improve VA medical care. It does what no other system can do. It enables any VA or civilian care provider to electronically access a veteran’s COMPLETE medical record from ALL his or her providers. All other systems limit each provider’s access to a partial record, typically his or her own record for the veteran.

MedKaz bridges this gap between a patient’s complete and partial records — easily and today. It can do so because it is a patient-focused system that is compatible with all provider-focused systems including VistA and all commercial EMR and paper systems.

It aggregates a patient’s complete medical record from all his or her providers, and our patented MedKaz application, on a MedKaz Green Drive®. The patient carries it on a keychain, in a wallet, or wears it as a pendant/dog tag, and gives it to any provider at the point of care. In turn, the provider can electronically sort, search for and access specific records — both paper and electronic — with only two or three clicks. (A more detailed comparison of MedKaz, EMR and paper record systems is attached.)

My own MedKaz demonstrates its scope and power. It contains my records of more than 300 encounters with physicians, labs, hospitals, etc. spanning 29 years, from 38 providers in six cites and three states, using more than 14 records systems, including paper and at least eight of the most prominent EMR systems. Any provider can instantly access any record on it, even without Internet or web server access. There’s no other system like it!

If each veteran carried a MedKaz, any VA or civilian provider could access all his or her records anytime, anywhere — and promptly provide better, coordinated, lower-cost care.

We presented our MedKaz System to the VA last September but nothing came of it, apparently because it takes a “different” approach to interoperability than the VA has been pursuing. The biggest differences, of course, are that MedKaz is far more inclusive than VistA and it achieves interoperability today. VistA hopes to achieve interoperability by 2017 or 2020.

As you look for tools to quickly improve care and enable veterans to see civilian providers, I urge you to consider MedKaz. It is the only system that works today and will work tomorrow. I should add that today’s MedKaz is the tip of the iceberg. Planned enhancements will permit providers and patients to exchange and share records in ways unimaginable and impossible with other systems.

I’d be delighted to demo MedKaz for you, discuss how it works and explore how to introduce it in the VA. Given the urgent need, we are prepared to move immediately. To learn more about MedKaz and our people, please visit our website. You’ll find the Video, FAQs and News & Announcements sections particularly informative.



Merle Bushkin, Founder & CEO

Health Record Corporation
Creator of MedKaz

PO Box 638
Brownsville, VT 05037

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