Finally a Medical Record System That Contains a Patient’s Complete Medical Record from All Their Providers—That They Own, Control and Share with Their Doctors

The MedKaz® Lifetime Medical Record System is the only system that insures a patient’s complete medical record and information from all their providers will be available when and where they need them, and that they are secure and private at all times. Learn how the MedKaz works and how to get one at the crowdfunding site, Pledges will help fund completion of HRC’s highly successful pilot study.

Brownsville, VT (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

Health Record Corporation (HRC), creator of the patented MedKaz® Lifetime Medical Record System, announced it has launched a Project on the popular crowdfunding web site, Its purposes are to introduce the MedKaz – at discounted prices – to those who want to control their medical records and be sure they are available when they need them, and to fund completion of HRC’s ongoing, highly successful pilot study involving more than 400 patients and doctors.

The Project, accessed at, describes the MedKaz, a distinctive flash drive an individual carries on their keychain that contains all their records and the patented MedKaz application to manage them. It shows actual screen shots of patient records and explains how doctors or HRC update it for them. And it describes how doctors use it to coordinate their patient’s care with their other providers, improve the quality of care they give their patients, and reduce costs. It is unlike any other medical record system, and is simple, easy to use, and inexpensive.

A patient can buy the MedKaz on the site at introductory discounted prices for themselves, their family, or to give as a benefit to their employees. A physician can buy it for their patients. Corporations, non-profits and others can also support the MedKaz as a Strategic Partner.

Merle Bushkin, Founder and CEO of HRC, comments: “The public desperately needs the MedKaz. Their peace of mind, quality of care and even their lives could depend upon it. And care providers need it to practice better medicine.”

“Notwithstanding all the talk, legislation, government funds flowing to improve healthcare information, and litigation, the MedKaz is the only system that assembles in one place all of a patient’s records from all their providers in all formats. They are immediately available in electronically manageable form when the patient gives their MedKaz to their doctor. And it’s the only system that gives the patient control of their records thereby insuring they are secure and private.“

To make his point, he asks:

“How many times have your doctors given you a clipboard and asked you to fill out the same forms and provide the same information over and over again?

“How many times have you gone to your doctor and he or she has no information about your medical history or the care you have received – or are receiving – from doctors outside your network?

“How many times have your doctors repeated a test you just had because they don’t have the earlier test results?”

For most, the answer to each is “far too many!” With the MedKaz, the answer is “none.”

“At last,” he says, “there’s a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use solution to these aggravating experiences and other record-related problems. It’s the MedKaz and it’s available now!

“It’s the only system that insures your medical records and information will be available when and where you need them, and that they are secure and private at all times.

“It’s the only system that enables you to read and correct mistakes in your doctor’s actual progress notes which, regrettably, happen quite often and could have dire consequences!”

“And it’s the only system that empowers you to participate in decisions about your care.”

“It’s able to do what other record-keeping systems can’t do because it is designed around the patient, not providers; it’s compatible with whatever charting system your doctor uses; it doesn’t require costly, elaborate networks; and its unique business model aligns the interests of both patients and care providers.”

Mr. Bushkin adds: “Don’t dismiss the MedKaz as just another tech-gadget. You don’t need to be a computer geek to use it, and it could save your life!”

Health Record Corporation is a privately-owned, start-up company that has created the unique MedKaz System Lifetime Medical Record System, a patented, patient-focused system that enables care providers to greatly improve the quality and coordination of care, and potentially save patients, employers, insurers and government many billions of dollars annually. More than 400 individuals and physicians around the country are currently participating in a pilot study of its game-changing MedKaz System. For more information visit


Merle Bushkin, Founder & CEO

Health Record Corporation

802 484-0249

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