Travelers, Snowbirds, Moms, Military, Care Givers — Everyone Who Sees More Than One Doctor Needs MedKaz® To Ensure Their Medical Care Is Coordinated

Health Record Corporation’s MedKaz is the only medical record system that enables doctors to share records and coordinate their patients’ care. It is available today at a discounted introductory price under $100 at or

Brownsville, VT (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

Anyone who gets sick on a business trip or vacation, sees doctors in different medical practices, hospitals or cities, or is responsible for the care of others, knows — or finds out too late — that their providers can’t share their records or coordinate their care. One doctor doesn’t know what the others are doing, the care they are giving, the illnesses they are treating, the meds they are prescribing, etc. This can lead to serious mistakes that cause unnecessary pain — even deaths, and result in unnecessary costs that by various estimates run into the hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

At this time when so much attention is focused on improving healthcare and reducing its cost, it is important for everyone to know that the revolutionary, patented MedKaz is the only medical record system that enables providers to share patient records and coordinate care. And it is the only system that equips patients to participate in their care decisions.

“The wonder of MedKaz is that it does what other systems can’t do. It enables care providers to share patient records and coordinate their care. And it does so today — easily, simply, and inexpensively.”


It aggregates copies of a patient’s records from all their providers in all formats, both paper and electronic, on a distinctive flash drive the patient owns, controls and carries on their key chain or in their wallet. When they require care — at home, away, in-network or out, they merely give it to their provider. It is secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

In turn, their provider can instantly sort, search and read any or all records from other providers and coordinate their treatment and medications.

Several recent studies, including those from the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Institute of Medicine, and RAND Corporation, all report that the government-sponsored program intended to solve this problem doesn’t work, even though it has cost more than $10.3 billion to date. They report that doctors, including those who have adopted electronic medical record systems, still can’t exchange patient records.

Merle Bushkin, Founder & CEO of Health Record Corporation, creator of MedKaz, comments: “The wonder of MedKaz is that it does what no other system can do. It enables doctors and other care providers to share patient records in all formats and coordinate their care. Period. And it does so today — easily, simply, and inexpensively without disrupting the way doctors and hospitals keep records, and without expensive ’information exchanges’ or government subsidies.”

“In contrast, our government has dispensed more than $10.3 billion to solve the same problem but their solution — as of today — doesn’t work.
In fairness, they say it will take as many as six more years to achieve its goals, but many doubt it will happen even then.”

“Anyone who travels for business or pleasure, spends time in different cities, sees doctors in different practices or networks, or cares for those who do, should have a MedKaz. They’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that their records are secure and will be available whenever and wherever they require care. They’ll also be able to participate in their care decisions and correct mistakes that, regrettably, occur in large numbers of patient records.”

“You can get your MedKaz or a Family Pack today at a discounted introductory price under $100 per MedKaz, our website,, or at”

About MedKaz and HRC:

The patented MedKaz is a revolutionary system that puts the patient at the center of their care by aggregating their lifetime medical record in one place, owned and controlled by them, where care providers can access them as needed. MedKaz is the only system that accepts records in all formats from all sources, overcoming record incompatibility; is secure from Internet breaches, easy to use, affordable, and available now; and doesn’t require government subsidies or the construction of extensive electronic networks to exchange records. It lives
alongside care providers’ systems, whether paper or electronic, and fits seamlessly into their established workflow, enabling improved quality and coordination of care, elimination of mistakes and unnecessary testing, and cost savings. Medkaz is a product of Health Record Corporation, based in Brownsville, VT.

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