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Price* Medkaz USB Device
First Year Second Year
One Pack $103.20 $78.00
Family Two Pack $186.00 $156.00
Family Three Pack $264.00 $234.00
Family Four Pack $342.00 $312.00
Monthly Payment Amount
Quantity Discount $6.50
  • First year price for each subscriber includes a MedKaz and one year subscription
    to Update & Support Services.
  • Second year price includes a one year Update & Support subscription.
  • Patient savings from avoided deductibles, copays and lost wages probably exceed
    the annual subscription fee.
  • Employer/insurer savings from avoided medical errors and unnecessary visits, tests,
    procedures directly reduce health insurance costs.

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  • Unique medical record system, designed specifically for patients.
  • Contains patient's lifetime medical record, both paper and electronic, from all providers, plus the patented MedKaz application to manage them.
  • Easy to navigate.  With two or three clicks, can search MedKaz contents and access detailed information and specific records, such as progress notes, lab and imaging reports, operative and discharge reports.
  • Secure, encrypted, easy to learn and use, affordable. Requires minimal data input by patient after initial setup. Updated for patient after each visit.
  • Patient owns, controls, carries on key chain or in wallet; gives to care providers when, where needed — in or out of network.
  • Doctors easily sort, search, read records to understand patient's health; avoid mistakes; improve quality, coordination of care.
  • Patient can add records of dependent family members too young, too old or too sick to manage their own records and care.


Size 1.67in x .5in x .19in
Computer PCs - Windows XP, 7 or higher Mac – 64-bit Intel processor, OS 10.5 or higher
RAM 2GB or more
Hard Drive 100MB free disk space
Internet Broadband, fast as possible
Memory 8GB
Security Encrypted; password controlled to two levels
Resolution Minimum 1024 x 768
Browser Internet Explorer 8 or later, Chrome, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari, Opera