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Medkaz USB Device

The revolutionary MedKaz patient-focused personal health record system was created — and is distributed and supported — by the talented Health Record Corporation (HRC) team, with input from our Advisory Directors and Technology Partners.

Our objective is to ensure care providers have the information they need at the point of care to avoid medical mistakes, improve the quality and coordination of care, reduce the cost of care, and increase their face time with patients.

MedKaz meets this objective and then some today by adopting a unique approach, strategy and business model. And that’s just the beginning. By untethering patients’ records from their providers it becomes possible to change the way care is delivered, doctors are organized and paid, and the industry is structured.

The need for such a system is enormous and no system other than MedKaz can meet it today or for the foreseeable future.  Moreover, it is low cost, easy to use, secure, doesn’t require elaborate, costly electronic networks, is financially self-sustaining and available now. There is no other system like it.

The Chief Medical Information officer of a major teaching hospital and network says “It [MedKaz] gives the patient real power in accumulating their record from any location they receive care. It is a simple, inexpensive, and straightforward solution to a complex problem.”  Another prominent healthcare authority describes our MedKaz System as “a consumer-driven medical record idea that makes sense.”

 To discuss MedKaz or schedule a demo, email demo@medkaz.comor call 802 484-0249

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