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Your complete medical record from all your care providers, in your pocket.  Available anytime, anywhere you need it. Updated for you.

  • Patients own, control their records from all their providers.
  • Can add records of dependent family members.
  • Carry on key chain, in wallet; give to provider.
  • Saves money; more than pays for itself.
  • Doesn’t require electronic networks or Internet access.
  • Accepts records in all formats, from all sources.
  • Overcomes medical-record incompatibility and confusion.
  • Provider can electronically sort, search, read patient’s records anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure, easy to learn, use; convenient, affordable, available now.
  • Empowers patient to participate in care, wellness decisions.
  • Benefits everyone: patients, doctors, employers, insurers, government.
  • Financially self-sustaining.